Let’s Have a Closer Look at the Glympse Cell Phone Tracker Application

Written by Felipe on August 19th, 2010

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Today I would like to tell you how to track a cell phone location with another tracking application but this one is a little bit different than most.

The Glympse cellphone locator is really more designed for business purposes than many other free cell tracker apps that are available. One thing that I find a bit strange is that this app is designed and marketed towards business users but it’s a free app.

When it comes to apps that are marketed towards the business sector I would normally expect for these apps to fall into the premium category that users would have to pay a fee to use.

I’m not sure what the company that has made the app available is actually getting out of this or how they make money from their business if everything is free but that’s of no concern to me since all I care about is that it’s another free tracking app for me to tell my readers about.

Which Phones Will This App Work With?

The Glympse phone tracker will currently work with any cell phones that are powered by the Google Android or Windows Mobile operating systems. It will also work with iPhones.

How To Start Using Glympse

In order to begin using the service, you simply need to go to the Glympse website which you can do by clicking here. Then all you have to do is sign up for a free account and download and install the Glympse cell phone tracking application onto your phone.

glympse business phone tracking app screenshotWhen you want someone to be able to track you with the service, you simply either use an Internet connected computer to log into your Glympse account or access your Glympse account from your cell phone’s Internet browser.

The Glimpse system will then automatically record your current location. You can even input your destination if you would like. If you do enter your destination, the person who you give access to track you with your cell phone will be given more information such as your estimated time of arrival at the address you have entered into the system.

They will also see your location on their computer or cell phone screen in real-time as you are moving. Another thing that they will have access to is your current rate of travel and the remaining amount of time that they will be able to track you through the Glympse phone tracking network.

After entering this information, you simply select the people that you want to receive the message that gives them authorization to track you. You click “send glympse” and the people in that list will receive either a text message or an e-mail that contains a link for them to click on. When they click on this link, it will take them to the Glympse website and give them access to track your cell phone.

They will actually see a little picture icon of you moving on a map on their screen. The designers of this app call these text messages that are sent to the people who you will be giving authorization to track your cell phone “A Glympse”. Saying. “I’m sending you a Glympse so you’ll be able to track my phone” simply means that you are sending them a message through the Glympse phone tracking system that will provide them with instructions for how to track your mobile phone.

What Makes Glympse So Different?

When you set up a Glympse, you will also specify a time limit for how long these individuals will have access to track your cell phone. This time limit can be anywhere from as little as ten minutes to as long as four hour’s. When the timer has expired, they will no longer have access to track your cell phone unless you choose to send them another Glympse.

The Glympse cell phone tracker software displays your location to everyone that you have sent the “glympse” to in real-time as you are traveling. The designers of this free cell phone tracking service designed it and are marketing it primarily for business purposes but it can be used for personal use as well.

Why Do Business Users Like This App?

The service is especially good for business use because it allows you to give “temporary” access to your business clients and associates to track the location of your cell phone. When the work day is complete, you can go home and maintain whatever level of privacy you are comfortable with since the timer in the “Glympse” that you may have sent to your business associates will have since expired.

Here’s a short video from the developers of this app where they explain how their phone tracking application works.

The Glympse Phone Tracker Download Link

For your convenience, I’ve included a handy link that you can click on should you wish to install the Glympse mobile phone tracking application of your phone: Get Glympse By Clicking Here

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I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure