A Look at the AT&T TeleNav Track™ Service

Written by Felipe on February 15th, 2011

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If you follow the world of cell phone technology at all, you probably have heard that AT&T recently rolled out there 4g LTE network. AT&T has been working very hard to argue their claim that they have the fastest wireless broadband network available.

While you have probably heard about the AT&T 4g network, I don’t imagine that you’ve heard about their cell phone locator service called TeleNav Track™. AT&T is really stepping up to the plate with this application and trying to get the attention of big business. One of the most difficult things for a business to manage is their mobile workforce and mobile assets.

AT&T realized that if they can provide a service to help companies monitor their mobile employees and manage their fleet tracking program in a more efficient way, they would be able to get a foothold in a sector of business that is relatively untapped.

Many businesses are currently using GPS vehicle tracking software in an effort to manage the mobile aspect of their business more efficiently. Now, business owners have the option of signing up for AT&T’s location based service.

Services Provided To TeleNav Track™ Customers

  • Subscribers have the capability of easily viewing the near real-time location of their mobile workforce. This is an essential tool for businesses who have the need to dispatch their mobile workforce to various job sites. This is a simple solution to a very complicated logistics problem. If business owners can dispatch mobile workers to the jobs that they are already in the vicinity of, they can save time and money and make the best decisions when trying to decide which workers to dispatch to which jobs.
  • Many mobile workers spend all their time in the field. This presents a particular challenge when it comes to keeping accurate timecards for these types of employees. With AT&T’s cell phone tracking service, the chore of managing timecards for mobile employees is simplified tremendously.
  • TeleNav Track™ customers are also able to collect valuable data about the traffic patterns of their mobile workforce as well as the amount of time spent on each particular job. This data can then easily be downloaded and analyzed for the purpose of managing their mobile workforce in a much more efficient manner.
  • Perhaps one of the best features available to assist users of this program is the ability for management to receive instant reports on things like speeding violations. This service can also provide you with an instant notification if a particular vehicle has been stopped in one place for too long. Having access to this data will allow you to manage your mobile employees much more efficiently which could very well have a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Another interesting feature that is available with this program is called “geofencing”. This is basically a way of defining boundaries for where your mobile employees should and should not be driving. You’ll have complete control over the parameters when assigning the boundaries for geofences for each particular mobile employee. If one of your mobile employees breeches the boundary of the geofence, you will receive an instant notification.
  • GPS navigation is another built in feature that is bundled with this service. Imagine receiving a call from a customer, entering their address into your computer system, instantly being able to locate your nearest mobile employee, sending a dispatch to that particular employee directly from your computer system to their mobile phone, and the mobile employee receiving real time GPS directions about how to get to the location as quickly as possible.

These are just a few examples of the many features that are included with TeleNav Track™. As I’m sure you can see, AT&T has provided an excellent service that utilizes the GPS capabilities of modern cellular phones to create an easy way to manage your mobile workforce.

I’m sure you can see that the use of GPS tracking devices is much more than a mere novelty. In the months and years to come, I predict that it will play a major role in the way that all business manage their mobile workforce.

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If you are interested in signing up for this service, you can do so by clicking here: Sign Up For AT&T TeleNav Track™

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure