How to Track Your Cell Phone Location for Free Using Simple Apps

Written by Felipe on February 14th, 2011

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When I initially started this free cell phone tracker website, there were only a handful of applications that you could use to track your cell phone location. As I was researching and testing different applications I would type “track your cell phone location free” into Bing and I was only able to find a couple of applications that would be able to do this that were actually free.

Most of the websites I found wanted to sell me an application that I had to buy and many of the websites were a little bit misleading as to what these applications could actually do.

There’s no wonder that so many people mistakenly believe that there are applications out there that you can simply type a phone number into and you will automatically find a location of that particular phone.

There are currently no applications that you can do that with. If someone is claiming that they have an app to do that, they’re not being truthful with you.

If you find yourself wanting to track your cell phone location for free, I have good news for you because there are several free applications that are easy to download and install that will do a very good job of this.

My website is full of articles about the specific applications for free cell phone tracking so I won’t repeat myself in this article but instead I will provide you with a little bit of advice. There are basically two categories of applications that users can choose from.

Social Networking GPS Tracking Applications

This category of mobile phone tracking software includes apps like foursquare and Mologogo. These apps aren’t really designed to help you track the location of your particular phone as much as they are designed to let you know exactly where your friends are hanging out. With these apps, you simply download the application and install it on your cellular phone and then you send out friend requests to all of your friends. In order for you to track any of your friends or for your friends to track you with their cellular phones, you must have the application installed and running on both of your phones. These social apps are a lot of fun and provide a lot of beneficial reasons for using them but they don’t contain some of the more advanced features that I’ll now describe in the second category of free tracking apps.

Personal Free Cell Phone Tacking Applications

The applications in this category are apps that are designed primarily to help you find a lost or stolen cellular phone. There are also a large number of family users or business users who use these applications to keep track of their family members and employees. Some examples of these applications to track your cell phone location free are MobiWee, Glympse, Find My iPhone, and Where’s My Droid.

MobiWee is a very powerful application that is currently free but all indications appear that they intend to charge a fee to use the service when they complete their beta testing process. This application contains many of the powerful features that are available on cell phone tracking applications that you must pay for. Some of these features are the ability to locate your phone if it happens to be lost or stolen. You can even remotely disable your phone with features called “remote lock” and “remote wipe”. In addition to those features, you can easily transfer files from your computer to your cellular phone and synchronize your contacts list between these two devices as well.

The Glympse cell phone tracking application is also free but it is designed primarily for business users who want to give the limited ability to their business associates to track their mobile phone. It’s perfect for occasions when you have a client or a colleague that you need to give permission to track your cellular phone for a short period of time. Each time you grant access to a particular person to track your cellular phone with Glympse, you set a timer. When the timer has run down, the person no longer has the ability to track you.

There’s Bound To Be A Free Tracking App That Is Perfect For Your Needs

Regardless of what you’re intended purposes are, there’s a free cell phone tracking application that’s bound to be perfect for you. It’s worth noting that if you need a more powerful application that is loaded with extra premium features you usually have to pay a little bit to use these premium apps.

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I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure