How the Cell Tracker Software Claims to be Different Than All the Others

Written by Felipe on January 1st, 2010

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Today I stumbled across what appears to be a cell phone tracker application that I couldn’t wait to tell you about. I don’t know if it actually works but the concept is interesting so I don’t mind writing about this app on my website.

Let me start of by reminding you that I don’t condone the use of any type of software or technology to monitor or track anyone’s cell phone without their knowledge and permission.

What Makes This App Different From Other Phone Locator Programs?

Cell Tracker seems to be different than any phone tracker application that I have ever seen before. The makers of this product “claim” that you can read text messages, listen to live phone calls, read the call list for a particular cell phone, and of course determine the location of the particular phone. Here’s where things get interesting. The makers of this software claim that you don’t have to install any software on the target cell phone to get access to this information.

They also claim that the target phone won’t show any indication that you have the ability to access this information. Another very interesting feature is that you are supposed to be able to use the target phone as a listening device like a “bug” that you see spy’s use in the movies and on television. They claim that this feature works even if the person isn’t on their cell phone. Apparently, you can also view any photographs that are stored on the target phone with this app.

If you’re surprised by these claims, I don’t blame you. So am I! If it really works, this app could revolutionize the world of investigations and surveillance for law enforcement officials.

How Is This App Supposed to Work?

I’ll bet you’re wondering how this secret phone tracking app actually works. Well, the designer claims that all you need to do is download and install the app on YOUR phone. As mentioned before, there’s apparently no need to install the app on the target phone. Then you need to call the target phone and remain on the line for at least 30 seconds while your phone “pairs” with the target phone. They claim that the person doesn’t even need to answer the phone. If the phone call goes to voice mail and the call lasts at least 30 seconds, this is supposedly enough time for the phones to form a connection. From then on, you are supposed to be able to monitor the phone any time you want to.

What Do You Get If You Purchase This Software?

After purchasing the application, you will be able to download it in a zipped format onto your computer. They provide it in a zipped format to make the download time go faster. Then you unzip the software and follow the included instructions for installing the application onto your smartphone. The software is supposed to come with instructions on how to install the app onto numerous makes and models of cell phones. You supposedly will have access to their technical support via email. Along with the software, you’re supposed to be able to get free updates of the software for life as well as free online technical support for life.

How Many Phones Does It Work On?

You’re supposed to be able to monitor numerous phones but the makers of the software recommend limiting your monitoring to three phones at a time to avoid confusion.

How Long Will This Software Be Available To Download?

To be quite frank, I have no idea how this software does what they claim it can do or even IF it actually does. It’s absolutely mind boggling to me. I have a feeling that it will be mind boggling to law makers as well when they find out about it. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if when they do find out about it, they try to do something to prevent the distribution of this kind of software.

I should point out again that I haven’t actually tested this app so I can’t speak to how well or if it works like they claim it does. If any of you decide to try it out, the only thing I might suggest is to make sure you read and understand the details when it comes to their refund policy. Then, if you do buy it but for some reason you can’t get it to work, you’ll know the procedure for getting your money back.

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure