SpyBubble – A Powerful and Popular Cell Phone Tracker App

Written by Felipe on October 1st, 2013

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12-16-14 Update: I should point out that as of today, this app doesn’t appear to be currently available to purchase. My understanding is that the developers of this app are making some major changes to it and I just checked their website and when I click on the button to buy it, I’m taken to a page that has a message that says, “Attention parents and employers: We are improving our system. Check back later.” I’ll keep my eye on this page and update you all again when I see that it’s once again available for sale.

My website is full of great articles about free cell phone tracking applications and they all have their place but today I’m going to be telling you about one of the more advanced cell phone monitoring and tracking systems on the market! It’s called SpyBubble and it’s extremely powerful! It’s a little more that what I actually need so I don’t personally use it but it might be suitable for your particular needs.

Once installed on a smartphone, you can monitor and track the phone from any computer using your own unique username and password. Follow along with me for a minute and I’ll explain why many people think that this tracking app is the best of its kind.

Let me provide you with a list of the currently available features below.

Monitor Calls

With this software installed, you can see a full list of all the incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll be able to see what the exact numbers that were called, how long each call lasted, how many calls were made to specific numbers, and the exact time of day that specific calls were made.

Monitor SMS Messages

You’ll be able to read every text message that was either sent or received by the phone. You’ll have access to these text messages even if they have been deleted from the phone because the texts are actually uploaded to your SpyBubble account.

Redirect SMS

If you are monitoring a phone that doesn’t have the Internet or a data plan, this feature will let you monitor text messages.

Track GPS Location

Using the power of GPS paired with Google Maps, you’ll be able to determine the exact location of the phone that has this software installed on it! You can also view the location history and travel route of the phone.

Email Tracking

The application will also log every incoming and outgoing email message. You’ll have access to this information even if the emails are deleted by the user since they are all saved in a log file.

Monitor Instant Messages

You can monitor what is said in certain instant messaging programs.

View Multimedia Files

Every photo that is taken from the phone will be automatically uploaded to the your account so that you can view them whenever you want to.

Monitor Internet Activities

All website URL’s that are visited from the phone will be logged for you to inspect at your leisure.

View Contacts and Calendar Activities

You’ll have access to every number that is stored in the phone’s contact list. You can also view the tasks on their calendar.

What Phones Does It Work With?

  • BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or higher
  • Android 1.0 or higher
  • Symbian S60 3th Edition, 3th Edition Feature Pack 1, 3th Edition Feature Pack 2 and 5th Edition Phones
  • iPhone OS 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
  • iPad – All Models and other tablet computers
  • Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x

Is SpyBubble Really Worth It?

As you can see this cell phone tracking app is much more powerful than most tracking apps. Not only does it offer many more features, they actually claim to offer technical support in the event that you need help with something.

Keep in mind that this IS NOT an app for spying on someone despite the way its name sounds. When you install the app on a phone, there is a visible icon and the user of the phone will receive a daily notification reminding them that the phone is being tracked and monitored. You should never use this kind of technology to spy on anyone! The app is intended for parents to be able to monitor the activities of their children or perhaps for employers to monitor their workers with their knowledge.

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure