Check Out My ZAGG InvisibleShield Review

Written by Felipe on October 2nd, 2014

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Today we’re going to be changing things up a bit and I’ll be providing you with my ZAGG Invisible Shield review. If you own a smartphone or tablet computer, there are two accessories that you really shouldn’t be without. The first is a screen protector and the second is a protective case. We’re not going to be talking about protective cases today. I’ll save that topic for another day.

zagg invisibleshield screenshotOkay, so you just bought a brand new smartphone. You want to make sure that it will stay like new and last for a long time, right? Well, one of the best things that you can do for it is equip it with a good screen protector. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to explain. The touch screens on smartphones are made of a special type of glass. Depending on the particular phone that you happen to own, this glass can be “resistant” to scratches and chips but it’s not impervious. A screen protector is a very thin clear plastic like covering that is applied to the glass touch screen. This nifty accessory is designed to prevent scratches and chips on your precious touch screen.

Let me give you a good example of how I know it’s important to have a screen protector on your phone. I “used to be” a nonbeliever until one day I wasn’t thinking and I put my phone in the same pocket that I had my keys in. Let’s just say that I was more than a little irritated when my phone rang and I took it out of my pocket only to find a bunch of scratches on the screen!

Introducing The ZAGG Invisible Shield Screen Protector

There are many different brands to choose from but I happen to like one called InvisibleShield by a company called ZAGG. I’ve used other cheap generic brands but I have a very specific reason why I switched over to the ZAGG brand that I’ll tell you about in a minute. Whatever they make their product out of, it’s pretty amazing. If you can believe it, it’s actually self healing! That basically means that if it gets a little scratch on it, it repairs itself as if by magic. The company says that it is some kind of nano-memory technology that is scientifically formulated with smart molecules to heal itself from dings and scratches over and over again. Whatever this stuff is, the company says that it was originally designed to protect helicopter blades so it must be some pretty tough stuff!

Let’s Talk About The ZAGG Invisible Shield Warranty

The company that makes this product provides a LIFETIME warranty! If anything ever happens to it, they’ll replace it free of charge as long as you own your phone. In their words, “no questions asked”. If you buy the InvisibleShield screen protector directly from, they’ll even give you a 45 day money back guarantee!

What About The ZAGG InvisibleShield Installation Process?

According to the product’s website, the installation process is easy and the end result will be bubble free. If you’ve ever installed screen protectors, you know that it can be tough to apply them without air bubbles getting trapped under them. To be honest with you, I’ve had mixed results when installing this product. I put it on my daughter’s phone and for some reason it didn’t want to stick very well. I’m sure I must have done something wrong. My advice is that you have it installed for you by someone who does it all the time. For example, most major shopping malls have small kiosks that sell this product and for a small fee, they’ll install it for you. The people I know who have had theirs applied at the mall haven’t had any problem with it peeling off.

Why I Switched To This Product

There’s a funny story about why I switched to this product. A friend of mine had it installed on his iPad. He actually had his entire iPad wrapped in this stuff! You can get it installed so that it will protect both the front and back surfaces of your device. Well, one day he was in the mountains camping and he realized that he had forgotten something important. Without thinking, he put his iPad on the big metal tool box that was in the bed of his truck and forgot that he put it there. He then drove 40 miles back to his house and then when he looked in the truck cab for his iPad, he was surprised to discover that it wasn’t there. Suddenly, he realized that he had left it on the tool box and his initial reaction was to panic. He was sure that it would either be lost somewhere on the winding canyon road or in the back of his truck and broken to pieces from being jostled around. To his amazement, it was actually still sitting in the exact same spot that he left it! The texture of this product has kind of a slightly rubberized texture to it which made it cling to the tool box which ultimately protected his expensive gadget. It was then that he told me about this product. He called it “Invisishield” but the actual name for it is “InvisibleShield”. Anyway, after hearing about this experience, I switched from using my old generic screen protector to using this kind.

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure