My Impressions of the Free Phone Tracker App Called BuddyWay

Written by Felipe on December 4th, 2010

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If you’re at all interested in cell phone tracking applications, you may want to consider trying a program called BuddyWay.

BuddyWay is one of the many free GPS tracking applications that cell phone users have the luxury of choosing from these days. Let me begin by saying that when I visited the website to do research for this article, one thing became immediately apparent to me. The app is still in the development phase. As a matter of fact, the official logo for this program even has the word “beta” in it.

Not only that, the website itself didn’t seem to work. I tried opening it in Firefox and Internet Explorer and the only page that would really load is the page that gives you a tour of the product. The other pages just wouldn’t load. Maybe I just tried to load it when they were having problems with their server.

What Can I Tell You About BuddyWay?

Since the website won’t actually load, I’ll have to do my best to tell you about this app from what I can learn on other websites. First, the app supposedly works with any cell phone or PDA that has an integrated GPS receiver or a device that can make use of a Bluetooth GPS receiver. If it actually does work with any phone that meets these requirements, it would be in a class of it’s own because many cell phone tracker apps only work with a select few mobile devices.

Like other free tracking applications, you need to open a free account with BuddyWay before you can actually start using the program. After signing up, you’ll download and install the app onto your phone. Once it’s installed and running on your phone, you can use the software to track the places you travel with your phone. You can also share your trip tracking data with your friends which is an interesting feature. You can even upload your tracking data to Google Earth to get a different perspective of where you traveled on your trip. The app will also keep a record of statistics about your trip like the duration, your average traveling speed, a record of altitude changes, and more!

My Favorite Feature

My favorite feature of this cell phone tracker is the ability to set location alerts. This way, you can plan your trip ahead of time and when you get near certain landmarks, the app will alert you to the fact that you are near something that you wanted to see while you were traveling. This will keep you from driving an hour past a landmark that you really wanted to check out during your road trip.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that you can track a phone that has the software installed on it in real-time on the Internet. The one page on their site that would actually load for me says that they have nearly 200,000 registered users. Maybe the app became too popular, too soon and their system isn’t equipped to handle all of the users. I’ll check back in a few days to see if the site actually loads. I’ll be sure and report back when I do.

12-21-10 Update: I tried to load the website today and it actually loaded. It was a bit slow to load but did in fact load. This still indicates to me that their website may not be capable of handling the number of users that are using the service. If you want to give it a try, the website for BuddyWay is

3-16-11 Update: I just tested their site again and all the pages loaded fairly quickly. Granted I tested at 2:45 AM in the United States so it probably doesn’t have much of a traffic load at this hour. I did notice that they claim to be up to 222,103 registered users now so the app is definitely becoming more popular.

8-8-11 Update: I tried to download this application for my Android powered HTC Thunderbolt and it appears that I was mistaken when I said that this app will work on all smartphones. When I tried to download the app so that I could further report for my readers how this app actually works in real life situations I discovered that it doesn’t seem to be available for Google Android powered devices.

The platforms that the BuddyWay website claim the software will work on are the iPhone, Java Mobile devices, Symbian devices, Windows Mobile devices, and BlackBerry devices.

I’ll check back in a few months to see if they add Android powered devices to the list. If they do, I’ll be sure and report more on this application for you all to read.

Where To Download BuddyWay

If after reading this article, you’re in the mood to try this app out, here is the link that you can use to download it at

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