How to Download iPhone Apps Easily

Written by Felipe on December 13th, 2014

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Todays article will be about helping people who are new to using iPhones or iPads learn how to download apps. These Apple mobile devices are overwhelmingly popular and they are becoming more popular every day. Sure, they are great devices because of their ease of use but what makes them really great is the ability to download and use any of the millions of applications that are available in the Apple App Store.

Without having apps on your iPhone, it’s just another cell phone and to truly unlock the power of the iPad, you’ll want to be able to download and install applications that will allow you to customize the way your iPad works just for your needs.

What Exactly is an App?

If you’ve never owned a smartphone before and you don’t follow the technology world, you may not know what an application actually is. I have an article that I’ve already written on the subject that you can read if you would like to learn about what applications are and how they work. Just click on this link and you’ll be able to read that article: Have You Ever Asked Yourself What Are Apps And How Do They Work?

How To Get Apps for Free on iPhone

When you first purchase your iPhone or iPad, you won’t be able to download any applications until you have created an iTunes account. That is of course, unless you already have an iTunes account. If you already have one, you’ll simply need to add it to your new device.

If you’ve never created an iTunes account, you can do that through your phone by tapping on the app that is labeled “App Store”. You’ll then be prompted to set up an iTunes account. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything to set this account up but you will need to provide a credit card number. The reason they want you to provide a credit card number is because some applications that are available in the App Store aren’t free. If you choose to download any applications that aren’t free, you’ll need to have a way of paying for them and that’s why Apple requires you to provide a credit card number. If you don’t want to download any applications that you have to pay to use, you’ll never be charged anything.

After you have your iTunes account set up on your device, you’re ready to begin downloading apps. It’s a really simple process and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself searching for new and interesting apps all the time. To get started, all you need to do is tap the icon that is on your screen that is labeled “App Store”. Even though it’s labeled with the word “store”, there are plenty of free applications to choose from. The good thing about downloading applications from the App Store is that Apple has a pretty good quality control system in place and they take great steps to make sure that the applications that are available for downloading from them are safe to use and designed well. As a matter of fact, unless you have taken special steps to do what is called “jailbreaking” your Apple mobile device, the only way you can download an application is through the Apple App Store.

To avoid confusion, it’s important that I point out that there is also an icon on your phone called the “iTunes Store”. This is where you can purchase music and other types of media but it’s not where you go to download applications.

After you have tapped on the icon to open the App Store, you’re ready to pick out an application to download. There are several ways of finding apps that you might want to download but my favorite is to tap the magnifying glass icon that is labeled “Search”. Once you tap this icon, you’ll see a screen that pops up that says “Trending Searches”. This is simply Apple’s way of showing you the most popular search terms amongst their users. If you want, you can choose from one of these selections or you can type in your search term at the top of the screen. For example, if you are simply looking for games to play on your device, you would enter the word “games” and a list of possible selections will pop up. For demonstration purposes, I just did that and one of the options that was displayed was “games for free”. Since I don’t want to spend any money, that’s the option that I chose. After selecting this option, a list of free games was displayed. It’s worth pointing out that at the top of the screen there was an icon that said “Great Free Games” If you choose this option, you’ll be able to see a list of games that Apple recommends. This might be a good place to start if you’ve never downloaded an application on your phone before.

When you find an app that you think you might like to download, you tap the button labeled “Get” and then you tap the button labeled “install”. The next step might be a little confusing because a window will pop up that says “Sign in to iTunes Store”. The reason it says “iTunes Store” is because you’ll be using your iTunes login information to get the app. Regardless of what it says, all you have to do is enter your iTunes password here. After you enter your password, your device will automatically download and install the application. It will also put an icon for the particular application that you have downloaded on your home screen for you automatically.

How to Download iPhone Applications that You Have to Pay For

It’s highly likely that from time to time you may find an application that you would like to download that isn’t free. The process for downloading an application that you have to pay for is a little bit different than downloading a free app.

You’ll find the applications in the same way that you would normally find a free app but a price will be displayed next to it. If you would like to download the app, you first tap on the price button and then it will change to a button that says “Buy”. If you’re sure that you would like to buy it, you tap this button. Then a screen will pop up that says “Verification Required”. This will bring up a screen where you’ll need to enter the security code that’s on the back of your credit card that is associated with your iTunes account. Next, you’ll see a popup that will ask you to confirm your purchase. If you tap on the button to say that you want to confirm the purchase, the application will automatically download and install on your phone.

Make Sure You Guard Your iTunes Password Closely

It’s important to point out that you should NOT give your iTunes password out to just anyone. The reason for this is that if you have recently gone through the process of purchasing an application, all someone will need to be able to download a paid app is your iTunes password. The process where you have to confirm your security code will be skipped in this case.

An example of when this might become a problem is if you let your children use your iPhone and they happened to have your iTunes password. It would be quite easy for them to download a bunch of paid apps and you could end up with quite a large bill without realizing that your children had purchased all of these applications.

That’s really about all there is to it. If you haven’t downloaded any apps onto your iPhone or iPad yet because you just didn’t know how to, I encourage you to give it a try. You’ll be surprised what a difference it will make in terms of how much you enjoy using your device. Whether it’s just a way to kill some time by playing a fun game like Angry Birds or tracking your cell phone by using a GPS tracking app, there’s bound to be an application or two out there that you’ll find yourself not being able to live without.

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure