Mophie Puts an End to Dead iPhone Batteries!

Written by Felipe on May 20th, 2015

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If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll love what I have to say about the latest toy I bought for my iPhone 6!

There’s a common joke in the technology world that iPhone users are “wall huggers” because they often seem to be stuck to the wall with their phones plugged in waiting for their battery to charge.

Well, the second I learned about the product that I’m going to be telling you about today, I rushed out and purchased one. The company that makes the product I’m going to tell you about is called “Mophie” and I can’t believe that I didn’t know about them until recently!

The good folks at Mophie are pure geniuses in my opinion because this product is the marriage between two very necessary accessories. The first is some kind of a protective case for your expensive iPhone and the second is something to deal with the problem of the battery always being near empty or at empty.

The product that I purchased is called the “Mophie juice pack air” and its name tells it all. It’s actually a case that provides “juice” (aka – power) for my iPhone when ever the battery is low.

Many people refer to these types of products as “charging cases”. When I first heard about them, I started doing some online research, reading product reviews, and watching YouTube videos. After doing about a weeks worth of research, I decided that I wanted to go with the Mophie brand.

Now, let me just say that if you’re looking at this product as simply a “cell phone case”, you’re going to think that it’s pretty expensive. BUT, it is much more than a simple “case”. It’s a case that will liberate you and free you from being tethered to the wall when your iPhone battery is low.

The case itself contains an integrated 2750mAh battery. I’m actually quite surprised that they were able to fit such a big battery in such a small case. The case does add a bit of bulk to the phone but it’s not as big as I expected.

This case has plenty of power to charge my iPhone and it’s actually a bigger battery than the one that is built into the iPhone 6.

If you love the idea of this product but you want even more power, Mophie has three other models to choose from that have even bigger batteries.

Here’s the Lowdown on the Four Models

  1. juice pack air: 2750mAh (price = $99.95); colors: black, gloss white, & gold
  2. juice pack plus: 3300mAh (price = $119.95); colors: black, gloss white, & gold
  3. juice pack ultra: 3950mAh (price =$149.95); colors: black, gloss white, & gold
  4. juice pack air H2PRO: 2750mAh (price = $129.95); colors: black, gloss white, & gold. I should point out that this model is advertise to be completely waterproof as an added feature to a really cool product. On their website they actually say that it “exceeds military standards for protection“. Unfortunately, if you want to buy this one, you’ll have to wait until sometime in June of 2015. They are taking pre-orders for it on their website however.

Although the product that I purchased was specifically for my iPhone 6, they do make charging accessories for other phones as well.

mophie charging cases

Now, anytime my iPhone battery is low, all I have to do is flip the switch on the back of the case and it instantly starts charging my phone! It actually seems to charge it quite quickly as well. Not only that, I can actually use my phone while it’s charging just as if it was plugged into a wall and charging from a cord.

The One Thing I Don’t like about This Case

I’ve owned this product for just over a month now and I’ve only found one thing that I don’t like about it. Because of the way it’s made, you can’t just plug any old headphones into the case.

The reason for this is because the battery is actually on the bottom of the charging case which means that there is about a 3/8″ – 1/2″ gap between the bottom of the case and the iPhone headphone port.

Although, this is a minor annoyance that I have, it’s not a deal breaker by any means. The company provides a little adapter that you simply plug in to your iPhone’s headphone jack through the hole in the bottom of the Mophie charging case. Then, you can plug any headphones into the other end of the adapter.

It’s really no big deal, you just have to remember to bring the adapter with you if you want to use your headphones.

Charging the Charging Case

This product comes with the USB micro charging cord but it doesn’t come with an AC adapter. I just plugged mine into the AC adapter that came with my iPhone 6.

The way the charging process works is that whenever you have the charger plugged in, it charges your phone first and then once the phone is completely charged, it starts charging the Mophie.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I really like this product and I highly recommend it. If you have ever found yourself wishing that your iPhone battery lasted longer, this is a product that you really should consider purchasing.

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I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure