7 Tips to Make Your iPhone 6 Battery Last Longer

Written by Felipe on September 26th, 2015

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We’ve all had experiences when our iPhone battery ran out of juice at the worst time. Nothing can be more frustrating than when you need to make an important call or send an important text message and your iPhone battery is completely dead!

I’ve written an article about a really cool accessory called “the juice pack air” that can really help with this problem. If you haven’t read that article, I suggest that you do. It’s called Mophie Puts an End to Dead iPhone Batteries.

That article describes a helpful accessory but this article is specifically intended to help you make the most of your actual iPhone battery runtime. Below, you’ll find some tips that will help increase the amount of time that you can go between charges.

How I Squeeze the Most Life Out Of My iPhone 6 Battery

  1. The first thing that I do is turn the brightness level on my display down to the lowest level that I can comfortably read it. When I’m outside and in bright sunlight, I can’t read my screen unless the brightness is turned all the way up, but if I have the screen brightness turned all the way up while I’m in my house at night in the dark, it almost blinds me! The point that I’m trying to make is that the lower the brightness setting is, the less energy the phone will use and the longer the battery will last. I personally don’t like the auto-brightness feature. I much prefer to have control over the brightness setting and I think that this helps me to get a little bit more runtime out of my battery.
  2. As you may know, there’s a feature called “Auto-Lock”. This feature does exactly what it sounds like. After a period of time, of your choosing, the phone will lock and the display will turn off. Apple gives you six choices when it comes to choosing how much time will pass before the phone will automatically lock. The choices are one, two, three, four, five minutes, or never. I personally keep mine set to one minute all the time because the longer your screen is on, the more battery power it will use. Even though I keep it set to one minute, most of the time I tap the button on the side of my phone to turn the screen off the second I’m done looking at it. After all, if all I needed to do was check the time, it doesn’t make much sense to wait an entire minute for the phone to turn the display off.
  3. Another thing that I do is turn off Wi-Fi when I’m in an area that doesn’t have a Wi-Fi signal. I don’t have any definitive proof that this helps but I know that on some phones, if you have Wi-Fi turned on when you are not near a Wi-Fi signal, the phone will continually search for a Wi-Fi signal that it can connect to which can cause a strain on your battery.
  4. Another thing that I like to do is turn off Bluetooth when I’m not using it. As a matter fact, I rarely use Bluetooth so I almost always have this feature turned off.
  5. One of the features that comes with an iPhone is called “notifications”. If you have this setting enabled for any of the apps on your phone, they will attempt to send notifications to your phone. For example, if someone likes one of your photos on Facebook, the app will send you a notification letting you know that the photo received a “Like”. Turning off notifications on nonessential apps may help save some battery life.
  6. It’s fun to play fetch with your dog but “fetching” with your iPhone will drain its battery.
    Ask yourself this, do you really need to be notified the very second you receive an email? If you don’t, turn off fetching. Fetching is the process of your phone reaching out to your email provider to find out if you have any new emails. If you do, it will display a notification on your phone letting you know that someone has sent you an email. With this feature turned off, you won’t get a notification on your home screen when a new email comes in but you can still check your email manually simply by tapping on the mail icon.
  7. Another tip is to get rid of what I think is unnecessary “eye candy”. There’s a feature called “parallax” that if you have it enabled, it makes it look like your wallpaper is moving behind your icons on your home screen. In my opinion this is a completely unnecessary feature. I don’t know how much turning this off will help but it only makes sense that if your phone’s processor has to work to make this effect visible to your eyes, that it would be draining on the battery.

I’m sure there are some other things that you can do to increase the time between charges on an iPhone but these are my favorites. Hopefully adopting some of them well help you squeeze a little bit more runtime out of your battery as well.

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure