Find Out if the Many Alluring Phone Number Lookup Services are Really Free

Written by Felipe on March 16th, 2011

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Nothing irritates me more than something that is advertised to be free but when you get ready to use it, there is a hidden charge. On my free cell phone tracker website, I write about a number of good applications that are in fact 100% free. I also write about services that charge a fee but I tell you that they aren’t free ahead of time. I really try to be complete up front with my readers.

Today in my search to find something new and interesting to write about on my website, I stumbled across a supposed “free phone tracer” website that I was anxious to try out. The site I’m referring to is Most people assume when they read the name of the website that it must actually trace a phone for free. I assumed this as well but I quickly learned that it’s entirely free. At least it’s not free for all numbers.

When you first go to this website, there is a big box that you can enter a phone number into. Above the search box, there is a statement that says “Type in a valid phone number to run a free trace:” I eagerly entered my cell phone number in the search box to see if the service actually worked and another page popped up that showed a map of the rough approximation of where it thinks the phone was located. It also reported that the phone is a land line phone but it’s actually a cell phone. (11/7/13 Update: Now when I enter my cell phone, this site actually reports that it’s a cell phone.)

There was a statement that said “New! View the owner name and address for (xxx) xxx-xxxx – click here!” I clicked on the “click here” link and was taken to a page that wanted me to pay money to find the name and address of the owner of the phone. So, in this aspect, this service provides one bit of free information and that’s the “general area” of the phone.

Next I decided to do another test with a land line. This time I entered the number on the free phone tracer page and clicked “search”. Then a page actually came up with the name of the phone number owner and their address. This was quite impressive to me. The results popped up very quickly and they were actually accurate. I noticed that the “Owner Name” was a clickable link so I clicked on it and another page popped up that displayed the name of the phone number owner, the age, three possible relatives (which were accurate), and a button that I was able to click on that said “That’s The One”.

I clicked on the button and yet another page came up that appears to offer a bunch of other information like email address, social networking groups that the number owner belongs to, and more. This peaked my curiosity and when I clicked on one of these links, I was taken to the page Here’s were they wanted my money. I knew it had to be coming.

What’s The Verdict On This Service?

Well, if you just want to lookup any old land line phone number that is already in the phone book, this free phone tracer website is great and it even gives you a little bit of extra info about the owner of the number. If you are looking for a free mobile number tracer, unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be it in my opinion.

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I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure