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Written by Felipe on July 24th, 2010

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Today I’m excited to tell you about how to track a cell phone location with a cell phone tracker app specifically for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch called Find My iPhone. The Find My iPhone application is designed to help you find your iPhone if you should happen to either lose, misplace, or have it stolen but it actually has some other useful features.

8-17-2011 Update: Wow! I have a doozy of an update for you! I’ve just learned that Apple has decided to do away with their MobileMe service and replace it with something that they are calling iCloud. This is actually great news for you iPhone users since Apple is making this service available to Apple device users and it’s now absolutely FREE! All you have to do is download the Find My iPhone app. Then log into iCloud at with your Apple ID and password and you can and begin using it.

In the past you had to sign up for a service called MobileMe if you wanted to use this app. This service wasn’t free but you could sign up for a free 60 day trial if you wanted to test it out. When you signed up for MobileMe, you would provide your cell phone number and iPhone serial number. This would attach your particular iPhone to the MobileMe system.

The next thing that you want to do is set up a password on your iPhone. This is so you can remotely lock your phone with a feature called “Lost Mode” should you lose it or have it stolen. If you do, you will be able to easily log in to iCloud and send a signal to your iPhone that will lock your phone. This is really great because if your iPhone isn’t in your possession, you’ll want to make sure that whoever “finds it” or “stole it” won’t be able to access your personal information or benefit from stealing it in the first place. Locking your phone will make the phone completely useless to the thief that stole it or the person who found it and chose not to return it to you. It’s important to realize that if you haven’t previously assigned a password for your device, the Lost Mode feature won’t work.

Using Find My iPhone to Track Down Your Phone

The Find My iPhone software is easy to use for the purpose of locating your phone if you ever lose it. You simply log in iCloud from an Internet connected computer and click on the Find my iPhone app icon. If your iPhone is turned on and it is inside an area that has cell phone service, the location of your phone will show up on on a map on the computer screen. Once you have located it, you can go retrieve it at your leisure.

How Find My iPhone Can Narrow Your Search Even Further

Sometimes using this software will only help you narrow down the location of your phone. For example, it may tell you that your phone is somewhere in your house. You may spend all day looking for it and still not be able to find it. This next feature will lead you right to your lost phone! I love this feature! This feature of the app is the ability to send a signal to your device that will cause it to play a sound at maximum volume for two minutes. Then all you have to do is walk around your home until you hear the sound. Following the sound will lead you right to your iPhone. This feature will even automatically override silent mode if you have it set on your iPhone. The name of this feature is “Play Sound”.

A Powerful But Risky Feature

There is another very cool security feature that comes with this software that you should know about. This security feature is very powerful and should NOT be used unless you don’t ever think you will be able to get your phone back. Some examples of times that you might use this feature is if your phone was stolen from your car and the chances of getting it back are slim. Another example of when this security feature might be useful is if you lose your device while on vacation in an area that is a long distance from your home. For example, if you lose your phone in Egypt but you live in Idaho, the chances of being able get your phone back are pretty slim.

In the event that you don’t feel like you will ever be able to get your cell phone back, you can send the “Erase iPhone” command to your iPhone that will automatically delete all of your personal information that is stored on your phone. What it actually does is return the cell phone to its original factory condition. Think of it like reformatting the hard drive on your computer and reinstalling the operating system.

Make Sure You Use This Software To Render Your Stolen Phone Useless

After you use the Erase iPhone security feature, you should absolutely send a signal to lock your phone. You’ll have already deleted your personal data, now you want to make your phone useless to whomever it ends up with it.

Supported Devices

This application is very cool and extremely powerful. It will also work with the iPad and iPod Touch.

Here’s a video that will talk you though setting up this application on your mobile device.

Find My iPhone Download Link

If you are interested in downloading Find My iPhone, you can get it at the Apple Apps Store by clicking here: Apple Apps Store or by browsing for apps from your mobile device.

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I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure