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An Emergency App All iPhone Users Must Have!

Today I would like to tell you about a very important application that I honestly believe all iPhone users should have installed on their phones. Like most of the apps that I write about, this one is free but don’t let the fact that you don’t have to pay for it make you think that it’s not a powerful and important application. The name of this application is called “ICE” which I believe stands for “in case of emergency”. You can find it in the app store by typing “ICE” in the search bar. I use the free version but there is a premium version that you can get for $1.99 if you would like to unlock more features. I haven’t explored what additional features you would get if you chose to pay for this app. This won’t be a long article because I really don’t have to go into much detail to explain how important this application is to have installed on your iPhone. I think you’ll agree with me after you finish reading… Read more of this article »

Mophie Puts an End to Dead iPhone Batteries!

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll love what I have to say about the latest toy I bought for my iPhone 6! There’s a common joke in the technology world that iPhone users are “wall huggers” because they often seem to be stuck to the wall with their phones plugged in waiting for their battery to charge. Well, the second I learned about the product that I’m going to be telling you about today, I rushed out and purchased one. The company that makes the product I’m going to tell you about is called “Mophie” and I can’t believe that I didn’t know about them until recently! The good folks at Mophie are pure geniuses in my opinion because this product is the marriage between two very necessary accessories. The first is some kind of a protective case for your expensive iPhone and the second is something to deal with the problem of the battery always being near empty or at empty. The product that I purchased is called the “Mophie juice pack air” and… Read more of this article »

How to Update iPhone Operating Systems

If you’ve recently read my article called Make Sure You Update to iOS 8.2 on iPhones and iPads that explains why it’s so important to update iOS when Apple releases new versions, you may be wondering exactly how to go about doing this. Since many of you may not already know how to perform the update, I thought it might be helpful if I wrote a quick article that explained how simple the process really is. How to Update iPhone From your home screen, tap the “Settings” icon. Next, tap the “General” option. Next, tap the “Software Update” option. If there is an update available for the version of iOS that you are running on your phone, you’ll see a button that you can tap on that will allow you to initiate the update. If your phone already has the most recent version that is compatible with your particular device, you’ll see a message that says something like the picture below. Once you tap on the button to perform the update, your device will begin… Read more of this article »

Make Sure You Update to iOS 8.2 on iPhones and iPads!

If you happen to own an iPhone or an iPad, it’s time to do an operating system update. Apple recently released iOS 8.2 and in my opinion, everyone should update their devices to this latest version right away. Not because it will wow you with a bunch of amazing new features. Not because it will make your device faster and easier to use. Apple has reportedly fixed a number of bugs that existed in earlier versions of their mobile OS but the main reason I recommend updating is because they patched a very serious security vulnerability that has affectionately been dubbed as the “FREAK” bug. It seems like we’re living in a world where a new security bug is being revealed and announced to the public on nearly a daily basis. So much so that many mobile device users are becoming desensitized to the flood of security warnings that they are being bombarded with. Make no mistake, FREAK is not just a little bug. It’s a pretty big deal and it affects everything from smartphones… Read more of this article »

Will the iPhone 6s Camera be the Best Yet?

If you are like most of us, you anxiously await for Apple to release their annual update to the ever popular iPhone. This year, the rumors that I’ve been hearing are that the new release will be called the “6s”. One of the biggest improvements that I’ve seen on the iPhone as it has evolved is in the camera that is equipped with the popular mobile device. If you have owned one of the older version such as the iPhone 4 and you now own one of the newer versions such as the iPhone 6 or 6 plus, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there has been a huge improvement in the quality of pictures that you can take with the new version of the phone. This is due to the fact that Apple has improved the actual lens and flash technology that the phone is equipped with. They’ve also made improvements to the software that manages the process of taking pictures which has helped improve the quality of the images. Most people would have a hard… Read more of this article »

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure

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