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Try Out the Gasbuddy App for Finding the Lowest Prices on Gas

Today I’ll be telling you about another really cool application that uses the GPS receiver in your smartphone in an amazingly cool way. How many times have you driven all over town just to find the lowest price on gas? I know that I used to do this all the time. I was so bad about this that I would go quite a bit out of my way just to save a couple of pennies on gas. Oftentimes, I would spend quite a bit of time driving around to find the lowest price and even then I wasn’t sure if the price I was paying was really the lowest in town. Let’s not get me started about what I was like on a road trip! I would get off at an exit that seemed like it would have a gas station and I would drive around forever looking for the lowest price because experience had taught me that the most expensive gas stations are usually right off of the exit. Well, I don’t do this… Read more of this article »

Parental Control Software for Smartphones Called Ignore No More

I absolutely love this new parental control app for Android powered smartphones that is designed to put an end to children ignoring phone calls and text messages from their parents. As a parent, I can tell you that not only can it be annoying when I call my kids and they don’t answer, it can also be quite worrisome. Sure, in most cases, when a child doesn’t answer their phone, they’re probably on the line with a friend and they’re just ignoring you but when this happens, the natural tendency is for a parent to wonder if something is wrong that might be preventing them from answering their phone. Well, there’s a brand new app out called “Ignore No More” that is designed to put an end to kids tendency to ignore their parent’s phone calls or text messages. Here’s How It Works You install the Ignore No More application onto your phone. The current price is only $1.99 per phone and it must be running Google Android 3.0 or newer. You launch the app… Read more of this article »

Using Google Maps to Navigate with Your Smartphone

I usually write about cell phone tracking applications that use GPS here on my website but today I’m going to be writing about a really cool application called “Google Maps” that can turn your smartphone into a handy GPS navigation tool. Many of the phones you can buy today come with it preinstalled because it’s such a commonly used application. If your phone doesn’t have it installed already, you can download the Google Maps navigation application from your favorite apps store and the good news is that it’s free. Once you have it installed on your phone, you’ll find it labeled “Maps” in your list of applications. This program will give you turn by turn voice navigation right on your phone if you follow these simple steps. Make sure you have GPS turned on for your phone. Launch the application on your phone. In the search bar at the top of the screen type the address of the place you would like to navigate to. Tap the little “car” icon on the bottom right hand… Read more of this article »

Make Sure You Update Apps on Your Smartphone

If you own a smartphone, chances are pretty good that you have dozens, if not hundreds of applications installed on it. If you’re like many people who download and install apps, you often don’t give much thought to a particular app after you’ve downloaded it. After all, you downloaded it and you’re using it so everything must be okay, right? Well, in some cases, this might be true but more often than not things are a little bit more complicated than that. Let me take a minute and explain. When software developers create applications for smartphones or tablet computers, they do their best to get everything right when they initially release the application. In reality, what really happens is they develop an application and release it to the public and as the public uses the software, they inevitably discover bugs or problems with it. In other cases, the people who are using the application provide feedback to the developers or they might request additional features to be added to the app. Good Apps Evolve Over… Read more of this article »

Have You Ever Asked Yourself What are Apps And How do They Work?

This may seem like a silly topic for an article to many of you but believe it or not, there are actually a lot of people who have asked me the question “what are apps an how do they work?” Not all of my articles need to be geared for experienced power users so today I’ll bring the heat down a notch or two and get back to basics. Only a few short years ago, cell phones were very basic in their design and capabilities. Today, however, is a completely different story! Some of the smartphones available today are more powerful than the supercomputers of 30 years ago! Let me start off by clarifying what a smartphone actually is. A smartphone is basically a cell phone that has the capability of downloading and running small computer programs. These little computer programs are known affectionately as “apps” or “applications”. Keep in mind that smartphones are basically very small computers. Okay, let’s say that you’ve just upgraded your old clunky cell phone to a new modern smartphone.… Read more of this article »

I receive compensation as a result of endorsements, ads, or affiliate links on this website: Compensaton Disclosure